Background & Introduction

In the past decades, many children’s rights NGOs have played a wide variety of important roles in the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and in promoting the equal protection of children. However, there are still many challenges faced by professional legal practitioners in relation to the legal protection of children, such as the lack of professional exchange and networking, the difficulty of  forming a joint force to  successfully lobby, and the very limited number of international projects that can be promoted on a larger scale, etc. In many countries, especially  developing countries, there is little or no access to legal aid services which are prompt, professional and also affordable, especially when the rights of children are infringed upon. In addition, due to the lack of active participation of legal experts who specialize in children’s rights, there is often a lack of voice on children’s rights and interests issues in legislation and policy making process. Many countries have still not yet effectively incorporated their responsibilities under the Convention on the Rights of the Child into their domestic legislations. When children’s rights are violated, there is a lack of leading voices to assist the children, their families and the society to have access to justice and legal protection.

According to this, Beijing Children’s Legal Aid and Research Center (BCLARC)  hosted the Global Leadership Seminar on Child Protection, On July 1st, 2019, 18 leaders and representatives from leading child protection organizations in 16 countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe gathered at Beijing Children’s Legal Aid and Research Center to attend the Seminar. The Seminar is a 14-day workshop aiming at building a platform for international collaboration in the field of child rights and protection.

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The Global Leadership Seminar on Child Protection participants

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