1. Specific acts


2. Principal acts

        Free immunization of children
        They extend the number of medical procedures and treatments provided without   charge, in addition to those covered by mandatory medical insurance under federal legislation
        Free distribution of medicines to children under three years of age, and require qualified medical assistance in all nursing and child care facilities
        Individuals under eighteen years of age are subject to certain limitations on legal capacity, special limitations, and certain protection in the field of labor relations. The usual age of employment is sixteen, although in special cases, a minor may start work at fifteen, and even at fourteen if additional requirements have been met.  The procedure of receiving approvals and permits for hiring a minor under sixteen is cumbersome, and employers usually do not hire minors under sixteen in order to avoid bureaucratic problems.
        All minors can be hired only after a medical examination.
        Article 265 of the Labor Code contains the list of works prohibited for minors because of negative impact on the health and moral development of a minor.  This list includes work with hazardous materials, underground work, and work which requires moving heavy weights over the limits established by sanitary norms.
        Article 27. Emancipation
        The minor shall be declared as having acquired the full active capacity (emancipation) by the decision of the guardianship and trusteeship body - upon the consent of the parents, the adopters or the trustee, or, in the absence of such consent - by the court decision.
        Article 28. The Active Capacity of the Young Minors
        The minor, who has reached the age of 16 years, may be declared to have the full active capacity, if he works by a labour agreement, including by a contract, or if he engages in business activities upon the consent of the parents, the adopters or the trustee.
        Section IV. The Rights and Duties of Parents and Children
        Chapter 11. The Rights of Underaged Children
        Chapter 12. The Parents' Rights and Duties
        Section VI. The Forms of Upbringing Children Left Without Parental Care