Peking University’s Yenching Global Symposium Delegates Visit Zhicheng Public Interest Laywers


On April 13, 2018, 43 delegates and organizers of Peking University’s Yenching Global Symposium visited the offices of Zhicheng Public Interest Lawyers. Peking University’s Yenching Academy invites a global cohort of scholars to engage in multidisciplinary study for a Master’s Degree at Peking University.  It hopes to cultivate the next generation of global leaders and provide students the opportunity to immerse themselves in China and analyze China from a wide variety of perspectives.

This year’s Symposium is titled Renaissance: China’s Journey in a Global Future. The theme this year focuses on giving participants a chance to engage with a new Renaissance taking place in China.

This year 43 participants from countries ranging from the United Kingdom, India, Thailand and the United States just to name a few, visited Zhicheng Public Interest Lawyers.  Anna Niu, one of the lawyers and researchers at the center led the delegates on a tour of the offices and gave a  presentation about  the organization.Delegates learned about the founding of each different arm for children, migrant workers, and grassroots NGOs in China and heard about the successes of Zhicheng at advocating and working with vulnerable populations in China.

The session was followed by a Q&A where Ms. Niu answered questions ranging from rule of law in China, to challenges that lawyers face out in the field, to the availability of shelters or foster homes for children or women in abusive situations to find protection.  The delegates expressed that the visit was incredibly valuable in learning about domestic NGOs in China and overall the visit was a great success!