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Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania

Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania (CRCA Albania) is one of the major child and youth organizations in Albania, that works for policy and legislative improvement related to children and youth rights, capacity building for the Albanian government, research and advocacy on children and youth rights and provisions of services for the children most in need. In 2013, CRCA led the process for the establishment of the Human Rights House of Albania, a major network working for the advancement of children, youth, women, minorities and LGBT rights.

Altin Hazizaj

Mr. Altin Hazizaj is among the people who established the Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania (CRCA Albania) in 1997. He  gives a significant contribution for protection and advancement of children and youth rights in Albania. Altin Hazizaj is the author and co-author of many studies and reports relevant to children and youth rights in Albania. He has dedicated his life and work for the protection of human rights, contributing as an activist, staff and consultant in many well-known organizations in Albania and abroad. In 2004 he lead the efforts for the establishment of the Albanian Coalition for Child Education.


Association for Community Development

Association for Community Development’ s goal is to achieve the rights of people, especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable women, adolescent and children at grassroots levels through improving their socio-economic, political and cultural status, ensuring social justice and good governance. ACD is committed to empower the most disadvantaged and marginalized women, children, adolescent girls whose lives has been suppressed under the traditional patriarchal societal system and economic hardship. ACD runs two shelter homes for the victims of child marriage, dowry tortured, domestic violence, cross border trafficking, internal trafficking, acid burnt, etc. since 1999.

Sharmin Subrina

Mrs. Sharmin Subrina is a Bangladeshi and studied Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. The working experience at Association for Community Development (ACD) for about twelve long years helped her to explore and understand to an extent varying issues related to youth and children of Bangladesh since ACD’s programming approaches have been intervened in rights based approach. She is working as a Director Program and responsible for preparing, supervising, monitoring of all programs of ACD.


Societa Indonesia

Societa Indonesia established (2013) to provides behavioral and social welfare service widely, accessible, and professional led by Social Workers together with Welfare Workers, and Volunteers to serve everyone as individual, family, and community. As a Social Welfare Agency and Certified-Licensed Social Workers Office, Societa Indonesia has programs consists of response, caring, rehabilitation, and protection the children (and teens) in conflict with law and substance use (drugs). 575 children recorded at Societa Indonesia during 2013-2017 period.

Wawan Setiawan

Mr. Wawan Setiawan is an Indonesian professional on social work/welfare practice with more nine ten years progressive experiences in various job and environment. He graduated from Bandung College of Social Welfare and Magister Management of Syiahkuala University Banda Aceh. His main competence is Case Management and Micro Practice with the children without appropriate care, children in (drug) substance use, children in conflict with law, and orphanage/neglected children. He also focuses on Family and Community Based child care and child protection.


Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation

The first child rights clearinghouse in Hungary was founded in 2017 by Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation in cooperation with PILnet. Under the name of ‘Child Rights Pro Bono Center’, Hintalovon Foundation cooperates with 4 International law firms (Dentons, DLA Piper, Hogan Lovells and Oppenheim). Actually, 17 corporate lawyers provide legal assistance to children and families in the framework of the Centre. In all joint work the lawyers are trained, assisted and supervised by the child rights lawyers and child protection experts of Hintalovon Foundation. They convinced that closer collaboration between the member of the child protection system should aim to provide more child-friendly services, carefully tailored to meet the differing needs of all children.

Nora Santa

Nora Santa, JD. is the coordinator of the Child Rights Center. After her graduation from law school she ​has started to work for Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation. She is dedicated to provide legal support for clients and manage the incoming cases as leader of the Centre also enhancing awareness of Child’s rights in order to help children and families in need.


Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children

Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAACR) is national umbrella body for NGO’s cooperation and exchange of information on children rights in Kenya with a membership of over 250 children agencies in Kenya. KAACR envisions a society that protects all the rights of children and youth to survive, develop and participate in matters concerning them. KAACR’s mission is to advocate for and promote the realization of rights and responsibilities of children and youth in Kenya.

Timothy Ekesa

Mr. Timothy Ekesa is the Executive Director of Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAACR) over 20 years’ experience of working with children in Kenya having held various positions from a program officer, coordinator, deputy director and now director.  He has wide experience in children matters having been a panelist at the 13th session of the Human Rights Council Rights of the Child Day in 2010 in Geneva. At the national level, he is involved in compilation of the national reports and alternative reports on Kenya’s implementation of UNCRC and ACRWC, and guided the participation of children in the reporting process from grassroots to international level.


Youth Net and Counselling

Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) was established in September 1997 to respond to the needs and challenges affecting youth and children in Malawi. In October 2000, YONECO started to work on issues of women as demand driven activity following the need to respond to the child rehabilitation. YONECO has since grown to one of the very strong local NGOs that respond to matters of youth, women and children. YONECO has carried out lots programs related on protecting the rights of children. YONECO focuses on empowering youth, repairing and integrating them socially, economically and economy to be part of the shaping Malawian society. For youth to lead the nation of today and tomorrow, YONECO provides support and build the capacity of youth’s leadership skills and YONECO is committed to improving, educating and advocating for the health of youth.

MacBain Mkandawire

MacBain Mkandawire is the Executive Director of Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO). MacBain’s work in child rights movement dates back in early nineties as a Patron of Young Voices, a child rights movement that took roots in Malawi. In 1997, MacBain Mkandawire founded Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) which has grown to one of the largest child rights organisations in Malawi. In 2000, MacBain successfully facilitated the establishment of the Zomba Juvenile Justice Forum which emerged to be the National Child Justice Forum currently as a national programme on child justice matters. In 2006, MacBain initiated a Child Helpline Services for youth and children which has developed into a national child helpline services. MacBain has over time been responsible for the development of the child rights movement at local and international levels.


Halley Movement

Halley Movement is a coalition of charitable organizations working for the welfare of Children and family in Mauritius and in the Southern African region,a registered ECOSOC status NGO in Mauritius.. Halley Movement works in partnership with the private sector, governmental institutions and other international and national organizations. Halley Movement now sits on board of various International organizations in an attempt to devise policies in the interest of the world children. The mission is to protect and promote the welfare of children and families in Mauritius as well as in the African continent through dissemination and advancement through actions. Since it was created, Halley Movement has dealt with issues of child abuses, and has counselled parents on such matters. In many occasions, have testified in Courts, provides telephone counselling service, and face-to-face counselling where experts provide advice and information to parents.

Mahendranath Busgopaul

Mahendranath Busgopaul is the Secretary-General of Halley Movement. He holds a bachelor degree in Public Administration and has a long experience in working with children in Mauritius. Mahendranath has been in the child welfare sector since 1990 and was nominated by the government of Mauritius in that year to serve as board member for the National Children’s Council which oversees the welfare of children in the Republic of Mauritius. He has also been nominated recently by the Minister of ICT to sit on the Child safety online committee. At International level, Mahendranath has served on the board of IAVE and has been chair of the PSP committee at Child Helpline International. He has been a trainer for child welfare and protection and speaker at various international forums. He has conducted research studies on the following: Causes of school drop outs in Mauritius, Child abuse effects and causes, Ways to empower the elderly to work for children and Impact of Internet on children & Young People.


REPSSI Zimbabwe

REPSSI Zimbabwe is a leading psychosocial support organization. The organization is renowned for the development of high quality, evidence informed resources to mainstream psychosocial support into all programs and services that support children, youth, families and communities. REPSSI has a strong reputation for providing innovative capacity enhancement. REPSSI’s vision is all girls, boys and youth enjoy psychosocial and mental wellbeing. For fifteen years REPSSI has provided technical capacity enhancement to its partners, community opinion leaders and young people to strengthen communities’ and families’ ability to promote the psychosocial wellbeing of their children and youth to subsequently improve the social, health and education outcomes.

Sibusisiwe Marunda

Mrs. Sibusisiwe Marunda is the REPSSI Zimbabwe Country Director. Her work history includes working for the National AIDS Council as the National Orphans and other Vulnerable Children Coordinator. She joined NAC from the Child Protection Society where she headed the child rights advocacy department and successfully led the campaign for a child’s right to a nationality at birth. She also works for the Parliament of Zimbabwe. Sibusisiwe holds a Masters in Public Policy and Governance from Africa University.


The Children’s Legal Bureau Inc.

The Children’s Legal Bureau (CLB) Inc. is a non stock, non-profit, non-government organization organized under Philippine laws. CLB started as a special project of the Protestant Lawyers League of the Philippines, a group of Human Rights Lawyers and later became a separate entity in 1998. CLB envisions a just world for children by empowering communities and children for child protection while engaging with the five pillars of justice – law enforcement, prosecution, courts, corrections, communities – and the local government units in the Visayas Region (center of the Philippines).CLB has been active in the advocacy for the passage of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act at the national level and Local Children’s Codes as well as other ordinances for the protection of children at the local levels. CLB also initiated and is the secretariat of the Children’s NGO Network in Cebu which submitted an Aalternative Report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. CLB is a member of the Alternative Law Groups, a national network of legal advocacy groups in the Philippines, the Juvenile Justice Network, a national network advocating for the full implementation of the Juvenile Justice System in the Philippines and the KAABAG sa Sugbo, a network of NGOs based in Cebu, Philippines. CLB is also a member of several government councils representing the NGO such as the Regional Council for the Welfare of Children, Regional Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council, Provincial Council for the Welfare of Children and the Local Councils Against Trafficking

Joan Dymphna G. Saniel

Joan Dymphna G. Saniel is a lawyer by profession having passed (20th Place) the 1994 Philippine bar examinations. She is the current Executive Director of the Children’s Legal since 2000 until the present, handling cases of child abuse/exploitation and children in conflict with the law. She contributed a Chapter on the Philippines to the Greenwood Encyclopedia on Children’s Issues Volume 1 Asia and Oceania which was published in 2008. She is a resource person in several trainings conducted for different sectors such as police, lawyers, judges, civil society organizations, teachers, social workers on matters related to laws and legal procedures on children, women and environment in different parts of the country conducted by both government and non-government organizations.  This includes mandatory continuing legal education program for lawyers. She is the President of the Cebu Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian Ad Litem (CASA/GAL) Volunteers Association, an organization initiated by the Children’s Legal Bureau in 2002.  These volunteers are appointed by the court to represent the best interest of the children who are involved in court cases.


Peoples’ Development Forum

Peoples’ Development Forum (PDF) was established in 2008 and operates at grassroots and national level with a particular focus for the neediest community in various regions of Tanzania. It focuses on the five main thematic areas of Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene, Waste Management, Child Protection, and Legal Empowerment and Health Promotion. PDF in partnership with Save the Children contributes to the prevention of violence against children and advocates for Child Rights Governance. PDF has held forums with partners to raise awareness of the issues and the implications on children at homes, schools and communities, and undertaken road shows to challenge the social norm of using physical punishment against children and promote positive parenting. On an ongoing basis, it updates training and reporting pathways to increase understanding and awareness of child’s rights, implements referral mechanisms and zero tolerance practices for VAC.

Sau King Lili Ng

Ms. Sau King Lili Ng qualified as a social worker at the HK Polytechnic University in 2000. She moved to UK and graduated in Social Work with Social Welfare degree from University of Bristol. Since then she had been working in Child Protection team including Emergency, Safeguarding, Proceedings, and Adoption for over ten years. She also did volunteer work in HK, China, Nigeria and Tanzania. In 2013, her husband and her moved to Tanzania. She was able to navigate a new culture and expand her network. She joined Peoples’ Development Forum in 2017 as a Child Development Promotion Officer to strengthen Child Protection and Child Rights Governance.


Azerbaijan Children Union

Azerbaijan Children Union is a proactive civil society organization implementing vast range of project in order to tackle social problems that children face and develop child protection system in Azerbaijan since 1993. The organization is involved in advocating child rights, eradication of domestic violation, child abuse, human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. ACU is a service providing organization, runs a shelter for children faced domestic violation, survivors of human trafficking and Rehabilitation and Reintegration Center for children faced street life. ACU also provides social, psychological and legal support for people from disadvantaged families or experiencing any odd related to their family and communities.

Lamiya Rzayeva

Ms. Lamiya Rzayeva is the head of Social Service Department of the Organization and her main duties are managing projects regarding social services, developing and administering their social services, supervising the staff, especially social workers and managing cases in rare occasions. She is also a member of United Nations Youth Advisory Council and Executive Director of Azerbaijani Association of Social Workers (AZSWU).


Al birr & Al tawasul Organization

Al birr & Al tawasul Organization (BTO) is a national charitable organization established in 2000. The main sectors of work is improving maternal and infants health, livelihood and enhancement of primary education. The organization built 18 hospitals in almost every state of Sudan reaching remote areas. These hospitals mainly provide health services to pregnant women and newborn. The organization works for the enhancement of primary education providing food and installing clean water together with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. The name of this project is smiling children project. This project covers 4617 children in three states covering poor, IDPs, refugees and returnees.

Howyda Osman Mohamed Ihaimir

Mrs. Howyda Osman Mohamed Ihaimir is the assistant to the SG for programs at Al Birr & Al Tawasul organization (BTO). She is in charge of smiling children Project in Sudan (in Khartoum state, White Nile and Red Sea). The project is a result of partnership between BTO and CFPA, implemented in 2015. The overall objective is to enhance primary education through the provision of meals on daily base. This project reduced drop out from schools, improvement of health and academic performance and encouragement of families to send children to schools. She is also a coordinator of a project on the role of women in securing their area, dealing with child protection, abuse, drugs and risks of internet.


The Training and Research Institute on Child Right’s of Mongolia

The Training and Research Institute on Child Right’s of Mongolia (TRIM) is a non-government organization working under an overarching aim “to strengthen the evidence base and training capacity of organizations working for vulnerable children.” In pursuit of this vision, TRIM works across a broad spectrum of governmental agencies at local levels providing services to disadvantaged children and youth in Ulaanbaatar and rural provinces, including: children involved in the worst forms of child labor; orphaned children; street children; young people involved in juvenile justice system, children engaged in horse racing, children exposed to or at risk of homelessness, trafficking, abuse, abandonment. It was established in end 2014. It provides a range of research and training services for child rights workers in Mongolia, including training and professional development, capacity building, advocacy, and dissemination of best practices on child protection, development and participation.

Javzankhuu Baljinnyam

Mrs. Javzankhuu Baljinnyam is the head of the Training and Research Institute on child rights. She has the Master of Social Work, Social Work Department of Mongolian State University of Education. She attended lots of significant activities. From 2015, she has attended Member’s of National child protection network and multi sectorial Council of Child Protection. She is the head of the Department Child Protection Services of National Authority for Children, government implementation agency during 2012-2014, and Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia on child Rights issues from 2005-2012. Before that she has been the senior officer and head of the Department of Capacity building National Board for Children, She also has many research and evaluation experiences on child rights.


Alliance Anti Trafic

Alliance Anti Trafic (AAT) is a non-profit organization that aims to protect women and girls in Southeast Asia; especially those who are from Thailand, Lao PDR, Vietnam and Myanmar from sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Implementing the first project in Vietnam (2001) and in Thailand (2003), AAT was officially registered as its own Non-Government Organization in 2007. With two main offices in Vietnam and Thailand and working together with partner organizations, AAT plays crucial role in the field of human trafficking and sexual exploitation protection in the Southeast Asian region and beyond. It responds to a variety of needs with initiatives and activities related towards trafficking prevention, empowerment, protection, assistance and return of victims.

Tuangsiri Kanisthananda

Ms. Tuangsiri Kanisthananda has been working for Alliance Anti Trafic (AAT) for more than 6 years. Currently, she works as Liaison Officer. Liaising with partners and seeking for more partnership for protecting women and girls from sexual exploitation and human trafficking are her main responsibilities. At present, she is also studying MA in International Relations at Thammasat University, Thailand. She has her first degree in French and English. Some of her past professional training are Capacity Building Training to Improve Human Security in Asia-Pacific Region, Result-Based Management: Concept and Tools for development Cooperation, and COMMIT Regional Counter-Trafficking Training Program.


For Vietnamese Stature Foundation

For Vietnamese Stature Foundation (VSF) is a social, charitable and non – profit foundation, aiming to improve physical and mental health of Vietnamese children, for a mighty Vietnam. To achieve this mission, VSF focuses on supporting the rights of nutrition and education for children through some core programs: i) The school milk – for Vietnamese stature program. ii) The talent nurturing program. iii) The multi-year communication campaign on children’s rights. iv) For mother and for baby program. In addition, VSF has been carrying out many charity activities such as building schools for children in mountainous areas, donating hospital fees and living expenses to poor children, and providing supports after natural disasters, etc.

Thi Nhu Trang

Ms. Tran Thi Nhu Trang got got her Master degree in Economics, Banking and Finance at ESCP & Paris Dauphine University; and has more than 5 years working in banking, and 2 years experience in developing area. Being a young but creative and dedicated leader of a young organization in Vietnam, she is step by step building For Vietnamese Stature Foundation in order to become the pioneer among the local NGOs in Vietnam fighting for Children’s rights.


Life Skills Development

Life Skills Development (LSDA) is a Lao non-profit association established in 2010 and working in the field of basic education, Child rights and Child protection in Lao PDR. LSDA worked with Namjai Community Associaltion(NCA) and Pestalozzi Children Foundation (PCF) on the “Indigenous Community Ownership in Education” program,for empowerment and engagement with community members through continued Intercultural Education- Participatory Learning and Action (ICE-PLA) processes. Currently LSDA is implementing Najafi Program supported Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) that had been operated in LAO PDR for the period of 1993 to October 2016.

Viengnakhone Xaythongdeth

Ms. Viengnakhone Xaythongdeth is from Laos. (Her short name is “Vieng”.) She has been working as the Project Officer to the Gender Based Violence Project from 2013-2015 in Bokeo Province. Now she is working as Child Protection Officer in Long district, Langata Province.



Shaishav is a Voluntary Organization based in Gujarat, India. Shaishav works with underprivileged children such as Child Labour, non-school going children, slum children and girls. They believe that children are “Change Leaders.” They recognize that education forms only one part of a child’s development; it needs to be reinforced with a value based approach too. They engage children in learning activities that equip them to bring about change in matters affecting their lives, and ultimately become responsible citizens who go on to improve their communities. Shaishav uses innovative teaching methods based on group activities and discussion to enable children to make sense of the world around them, reach their own conclusions about how they should treat others with empathy, and ask for the things they have a right to. With intensive work with young people, independent children’s collective “Balsena” and Youth collective, “Tarunsena” came into existence.

Parul Sheth

Ms. Parul Sheth is Executive Director and Co-Founder of Shaishav and is responsible for mission definition, development, public relations, for supervision of on-going work. Parul has worked as trainer and facilitator at national and international levels on issues related child rights. She has worked primarily worked in the area of Child Protection and Education with participatory approach on the issues such as reducing child labour, child marriage, child abuse and exploitation through education and empowerment of children. She networks with other NGOs and governing bodies and serving in Executive Committee of Campaign Against Child Labour, Right to Education Forum, National Action and Co-ordination Group to end Violence against children, India Alliance for Child Rights etc. She is part of international networks such as Children as Actors of Social Transformations, Wenlido Trainers’ Network which is teaching personal safety to women and girls.


Defence for Children International – Liberia

Defence for Children International – Liberia (DCI-Liberia) is a rights institution that promotes and protects the rights of children, and serves as watchdog on the Government to keep the promise. Programmatic areas include child protection, juvenile justice, Sexual Gender-Based Violence, Women Empowerment and the rights of girls. DCI-Liberia, a strong advocate and lobbyist for the passing of the Children’s Act into law, aims to strengthen the development, implementation and enforcement of all policies and laws to protect children’s rights. DCI-Liberia is also an independent Liberia NGO established in March 2009 to promote and protect the rights of Liberian children. It develops its own programs according to Liberian children’s needs and priorities and is registered in accordance with the Liberian NGO Law.

Foday M.Kawah

Mr. Foday M.Kawah is a Liberian Lawyer and Executive Director for Defence for Children International-Liberia. He is responsible for oversight and co-ordination of support activities for all program implementation at the national level. He is also responsible to implement policies, coordinate programs and seek funding for the organization. Other related jobs are: field staff supervision, and coordination with relevant organizations and agencies, including local government representatives. This position requires flexibility to all DCI-Liberia staff at the National level. He is presently serving as Chairman of The Liberia Child Rights NGO Coalition in which his duty requires a significant change to reflect the whole child protection operations in Liberia.


ChildFund Cambodia

ChildFund Cambodia is the representative office of ChildFund Australia – an independent and non‐religious international development organization that works to reduce poverty for children in the developing world. ChildFund Australia is a member of the ChildFund Alliance – a global network of 11 organisations which assists more than 14 million children and families in 63 countries. ChildFund Australia is a registered charity, a member of the Australian Council for International Development, and fully accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade which manages the Australian Government’s overseas aid program. ChildFund began work in Cambodia in 2007, working in partnership with children, their communities and local institutions to realize the rights of all children and youth people to develop their full potential and live with dignity, harmony and create lasting change, respond to humanitarian emergencies and promote children’s rights. Currently, ChildFund work in Svay Rieng, Kratie, Battambang, and Phnom Penh. humanitarian emergencies and promote children’s rights. Currently, ChildFund work in Svay Rieng, Kratie, Battambang, and Phnom Penh

Kalyan Eng

Kalyan Eng is a child protection specialist ChildFund Cambodia. She has a total of twelve years of experience in Child Protection, Child Rights, and development sectors, counselling, research, and advocacy and in Early Childhood Development with various development organizations such included: Save the Children Australia, ChildWise and ChildFund Cambodia. Since joining ChildFund Cambodia in 2016, as the Child Protection Specialist, she has played fundamental roles representing the organization on technical, advocacy, and policy level discussion with government, development actors, networks, and other actors at national level. Her roles included: technical inputs on develop child protection code of conduct, juvenile justice law, child protection policy in school and the national Policy on Child Protection System and strategic level. She also maintained high level and professional with relevant NGOs, National Committee to lead Suppression of Human Trafficking, Smuggling, Labour and Sexual Exploitation (STSLS), CNCC, networks and relevant government agencies from national to sub-national level.


ECPAT Korea (Tacteennaeil)

ECPAT Korea (Tacteennaeil) was founded in 1995. ECPAT Korea (Tacteennaeil) has firmly established its status as a comprehensive child protection organization in South Korea since 2006 when Chairperson Choi Yeong-hee chaired the National Youth Commission. Thereafter, it set up the country’s first youth sexuality center to educate adolescents, teachers and parents. Following the footsteps of it’s sexuality education schemes, 58 sexuality education centers are now in operation across the nation.  Since 2004, joined ECPAT International, ECPAT Korea has worked to construct a comprehensive child protection system and amend the law for child sexual exploitation victims; ECPAT Korea has struggled to protect child sexual exploitation victims and prevent child sexual exploitation, which is the worst form of violence against children. In addition, for preventing cross the globe crimes against children, ECPAT Korea (Tacteennaeil) works on awareness raising and the system improvement by conducting field research on child sexual exploitation by Korean in other countries such as Kiribati, Philippines and other South East Asia countries, protecting child victims, providing legal support and holding a forum with government officials including those from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice or Ministry Gender Equality and Family.

Leera KIM

Ms. Leera Kim is in charge of general director for external (international and domestic) solidarity and advocacy for child right as the Director of International Cooperation & Director of Media Environment Protection Center for Children in ECPAT Korea. Previously, she covered on various human right issues as a journalist in Aisa. In particular, she directed the video report on‘Comfort Woman, Unfinished Story; Sexual Violence against Women during Wartime’submitted to UNHRC(United Nations Human Rights Council). Through this, she clearly suggested the shift of the viewpoint that the problem of comfort women is the violence against women and children during wartime. Based on 10years experiences as a journalist and 10years as an educator for children, Ms. Kim chose the job as a social worker for the better world. Believing that protection of most vulnerable people such as women and children is the best way to preserve society, she will try to contribute to sharing this idea through effective cooperation with various stakeholders and lifelong education for all.